Here's a drawing of the BD55 in PDF format. We describe the height and width of the frame in terms of the pocket door height and width. For instance, the overall width of the frame is twice the door width, plus 2-1/8". Or 2x (DOOR WIDTH) + 2-1/8", as described in the drawing.

Click to open or download the specs.

Click to open or download the specs.


A note about doors: The drawing shows a door, which is just for reference. We don't make doors at Bourget Frames, but our parent company does. Head over to Bourget Design & Millwork if you'd like a quote on some doors, too.

A note about door jamb and stop: We can provide the door jamb and stop or you can provide your own. Our door jamb is 3/4" x 6-7/8" (typical for 2x6 walls), and our door stop is 1/2" x 1-1/2". Our door stop profile can be either square or ogee. If you have a special jamb/stop detail and would like us to build it, contact us for a custom quote.


How it Ships


The BD55 requires minimal assembly upon arrival. The black header will be separate from the frame body, and is easily attached using included bolts. If you opt for our door jamb and stop, those will ship unattached as well.